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2021 has been a crazy fun year filled with way too many Zoom calls and my first international travel since Covid. Closed out last year with a Guiness World Record for the Twenty One Pilots NeverEnding Music Video. Some highlights of 2021 – Started off the year with the car launch for Mitsubishi that was live from a driveway. Then after 8 months of work, unveileved Post Malone x Pokemon concert in March – all while planning the Twenty One Pilots Livestream Experience that premiered in May. Worked with Pink Sweat$ and LG on some insanely infectious spots for OLED an scared people in London for Call of Duty. Neck deep in development on a few massive projects. Partnered with my friends at M ss ng P eces. Finalizing several groundbreaking NFT projects. Wrote a few articles – ‘Why NFTs are the Future‘ and ‘The Past, Present and Future of the Metaverse(s).’ My writing partner, Nate Atkins and I finished our 5th and 6th script together – making it 3 feature films that are in various stages of casting or pre-production. 2022 has no signs of slowing down, so I am grateful and excited. Thanks for following along and have a fantastic holiday.

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