Honey Bees

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A subject matter that means a great deal to me and to the world is now in the works to be a cutting edge VR experience. It was announced at Sundance that we will shrink you down to the size of a honey bee, so you can experience the plight of the honey bee, saving them in the process. The project was also just announced as one of Vive’s VR for Impact grants.

The Forest

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We are entering our sixth week of pre-production on The Forest. We are currently casting in London, Belgrade and Tokyo and putting together the final pieces before we begin principle photography. Taylor Kinney has joined Natalie Dormer as the two leads. It’s very exciting watching this film come together and working with all of the immensely talented people that have joined us. More updates soon.

Fall 2014

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Fall is here. SF Giants in the playoffs, 49ers killing it, leaves changing, Halloween close by. Just wrapped up post-production on a Trey Songz / Nicki Minaj music video that will be both interactive and a MTV/Youtube version. Also just completed a great commercial for McDonald’s. Extreme trampolining is really a thing. I also had the opportunity to speak at a ShortList Session in SF at Eleven as well as AICP in SF. Finally casting my feature, so have had a plethora of surreal meetings. It’s going to be a great last few months to finish out a fun year.

Summer 2014

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I had been attempting to redesign my site for a while, so with the summer upon us, I thought I’d give it a go. This site houses the work that best reflects the types of storytelling projects that I love. I’ve also been wanting to keep a better journal of the entertainment and advertising fun that I get to have. I am in pre-production on my first feature film, finishing up some great projects and writing a few movies as well. It’s going to be a fun and busy summer. Enjoy and you can always chat me up on twitter.